The Anthrax Epidemiologic Tool Kit: An Instrument for Public Health Preparedness

Dori B. Reissman, Ellen B. Steinberg, Julie M. Magri, Daniel B. Jernigan


Biosecur Bioterror. 2003;1(2) 

In This Article


We obtained 250 items for the tool kit, organized into three volumes. Of the 250 items, 219 (88%) were available in electronic form and occupied 18 megabytes of space on the secured network drive. The types of materials included in the tool kit are listed in Table 1 . Table 2 represents the standard set of variables we attempted to collect to adequately describe the case-finding strategies used in each jurisdiction. A summary of the operational and management lessons learned is presented as a checklist in Table 3 .

As part of the process of creating the tool kit, we informed deployed CDC personnel about the tools that were developed at other investigation locations during this emergency response and were available from CDC headquarters. As a result, we received requests for tool kit materials while continuing to compile tool kit items. In response to these requests, we provided materials for use by both ongoing and subsequent investigation teams.


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