Oral Sucrose and Pain Relief for Preterm Infants

Anita Mitchell, RN, PhD, Patricia A. Waltman, RNC, EdD, NNP


Pain Manag Nurs. 2003;4(2) 

In This Article

Review of Studies Evaluating Sucrose for Pain Relief for Preterm Infants

The administration of oral sucrose as an analgesic for infants is a new approach in pain management, and it is important for nurses to examine the evidence that supports recommendations for sucrose use. Table 1 presents a summary of various randomized controlled trials that have examined the analgesic effect of sucrose during painful procedures in preterm infants. Selection of studies to be presented was based on inclusion in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Stevens, et al., 2002). The following section presents a critique of studies that have examined the use of sucrose for pain relief in preterm infants. The studies are categorized according to the focus of the study or the specific questions addressed.


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