Oral Sucrose and Pain Relief for Preterm Infants

Anita Mitchell, RN, PhD, Patricia A. Waltman, RNC, EdD, NNP


Pain Manag Nurs. 2003;4(2) 

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Studies have demonstrated that the administration of oral sucrose is effective as a simple and safe method of pain relief for infants during painful procedures. Oral sucrose may be combined with additional measures such as swaddling and offering a pacifier. A critical review of all published research in this relatively new area of nursing research is essential as we address the problem of frequent painful procedures in preterm infants, and evaluate the beneficial effects of sucrose. Oral sucrose has the potential to be a comfort to infants who are undergoing painful procedures, and a useful tool for nurses who are attempting to provide developmentally sensitive care.(Ramenghi et al 1996, Stevens and Johnston 1994)

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