Recent Research on Vocational Rehabilitation for Persons With Severe Mental Illness

Robert E Drake, Deborah R Becker, Gary R Bond


Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2003;16(4) 

In This Article

Clients as Mental Health Workers

Two articles reported that clients with severe mental illness have unique experiences and talents that help them to become successful workers within the mental health system. In Connecticut, Fisk and Frey[19] demonstrated that formerly homeless persons with psychiatric disabilities were successful as employees performing outreach, supported socialization, and engagement with homeless clients who had difficulty connecting with services. The two part-time employees established relationships with six individuals over 18 months and helped four of them to become connected with mental health services. In a similar report, Henry et al.[20] described their experience employing 22 clients in 12 part-time positions as research assistants in a mental health research center over 4 years. Job satisfaction was generally excellent.


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