Stability of Esomeprazole Capsule Contents After In Vitro Suspension in Common Soft Foods and Beverages

David A. Johnson, M.D., FACP, FACG, Albert C. Roach, Pharm.D., FACG, Anders S. Carlsson, M.Sc., Anders A.S. Karlsson, Ph.D., Dan E. Behr, Ph.D.


Pharmacotherapy. 2003;23(6) 

In This Article


Our experimental protocol, which mimicked the physiologic conditions of the normal gut, showed excellent stability of esomeprazole in all substances tested except milk. Therefore, administration of the pellets from an opened esomeprazole capsule shortly after these pellets have been suspended in tap water, cultured milk, yogurt, orange juice, or apple juice, may be a practical alternative for patients who cannot swallow the intact capsule and cannot or will not mix the pellets in applesauce. Studies in human subjects that compare the bioavailability of the contents of an opened esomeprazole capsule or other proton pump inhibitors dispersed in beverages with that of capsules swallowed intact would be recommended. However, this study provides supportive data to extend the use of esomeprazole, using alternative dosing vehicles, for patients unable to swallow the standard capsule formulation.


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