Illicit Methylphenidate Use in an Undergraduate Student Sample: Prevalence and Risk Factors

Christian J. Teter, Pharm.D., Sean Esteban McCabe, Ph.D., Carol J. Boyd, Ph.D., Sally K. Guthrie, Pharm.D.


Pharmacotherapy. 2003;23(5) 

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Of the 2250 students who completed our survey, 3% reported past-year illicit methylphenidate use. These students were significantly more likely to use alcohol and drugs and report adverse alcohol- and drug-related consequences than prescription stimulant users or students who did not use stimulants. However, more work is needed to explore the problem of illicit use of prescription-only stimulants on college campuses. Such efforts can provide clinicians and researchers with a clear understanding and awareness of this potentially serious public health issue.


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