A Pictorial and Video Guide to Circumcision Without Pain

Nancy L. Kraft, RNC, MSN, NNP


Adv Neonatal Care. 2003;3(2) 

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Routine Neonatal Circumcision

The necessity of routine neonatal circumcision is an extremely controversial topic. The dialogue, which is clouded by multiple interpretations of complex epidemiologic data, is also fraught with emotion. For parents, cultural and religious factors often have an impact on decisions regarding circumcision. Frequently, parents already have decided whether or not to circumcise their infant before any education from health care providers.[10,11]

Nurses have a professional responsibility to ensure that parents have made an informed decision about circumcision. This involves an objective discussion of pain and the effective pain management options that are available.[12] Parents should be aware that circumcision is an elective surgical procedure. Depending on locale, standard insurance or Medicaid may not pay for this procedure.[13] Nurses should be well versed in the benefits and risks of this procedure ( Table 1 ).[14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26] A complete analysis of the controversial issues surrounding circumcision is beyond the scope of this discussion.


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