A Pictorial and Video Guide to Circumcision Without Pain

Nancy L. Kraft, RNC, MSN, NNP


Adv Neonatal Care. 2003;3(2) 

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In summary, parents, nurses, and those individuals performing circumcisions should be educated that if circumcision is performed, it can and should be done humanely. Circumcisions performed without analgesia and anesthesia should be considered substandard practice.

The pain and stress of neonatal circumcision can be effectively diminished with the use of evidence-based interventions. The primary intervention should be an effective penile nerve block. A multimodal approach to circumcision pain is ideal, because the combination of 2 or more treatments is more effective than a single intervention.[57,88] Research is needed to empirically test the value of adjunctive measures, such as pacifier use, sucrose water, music, etc, in combination with a successful penile block.


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