Highlights From the Society for Gynecologic Investigation 51st Annual Meeting

John F. Randolph, Jr, MD


April 18, 2003

In This Article

Genetic Regulation of the Very Early Development of Human Ovarian Follicles

Several research studies were selected for presentation at the initial plenary session on the basis of scientific quality and impact. Aleksandar Rajkovic of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, gave the first presentation, which covered the genetic regulation of the very early development of human ovarian follicles. Dr. Rajkovic has identified a gene active in only ovaries and testes called the Newborn Ovary Homeobox (NObox) gene. The NObox gene regulates the transition of a primordial germ cell into a primary follicle. Female mice that lack the NObox gene lose all of their follicles by 6 weeks of life and are essentially menopausal by that time; males have normal testes but are 30% less fertile. Dr. Rajkovic postulated that mutations in the NObox gene might be responsible for some cases of premature ovarian failure and male subfertility.


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