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December 31, 2002

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Digitech Systems Announces PaperVision Enterprise(R) for Health Care (HIPAA)

Digitech Systems, Inc. announces the release of PaperVision(R) Enterprise. A powerful new release of Digitech's successful PaperVision(R) retrieval product, PaperVision Enterprise manages the retrieval and flow of information for healthcare providers of all sizes. Great care was given during the upgrade process to incorporate powerful, yet simple solutions to disclosure and privacy issues mandated by upcoming HIPAA regulations.

Digitech's goal was to embrace the regulations as a "springboard" to help healthcare providers of all sizes implement the savings and efficiencies that come with Electronic Document Management (EDM). From the instant retrieval of EOB's, active and inactive patient files, to the taming of internal HR and A/P "paper monsters," PaperVision Enterprise is the Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime(TM) solution. EDM brings to any health care facility enhanced competitive advantage by reducing clerical overhead, and improving patient and insurance information turnaround (i.e. cash flow). Incorporating EDM as a tool to meet HIPAA compliancy is a catalyst to bring health care paper and computer file management into the 21st century.

The PaperVision Enterprise Administration Console provides comprehensive entity-wide management tools, including compliance provisions to satisfy government regulations such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21 CFR Part 11. Included are extensive searchable audit trails that detail document access, disclosures, disclosure reasons, system operations and searches, utilization totals and complete workflow histories.

PaperVision Enterprise offers instant access to data through a wide choice of both local and web-based configurations, moldable to any size organization. Scalability options include optional deployment of multiple layers of web servers, application servers and database servers, providing unlimited load balancing and redundancy. Included is an integrated database server, providing true client/server power to most users without the cost of separate database components.

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Scott Norton,
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