Achieving Clinician Buy-in to Technology

Bryan Bergeron, MD

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Take Away

The next time you're faced with implementing a clinical information system or introducing a technology to a group of clinicians, take a few minutes to consider each of the models discussed here. Identify where the technology you're about to introduce lies on the Continuum model, and whether it's really ready for distribution to the clinicians, or if it should be shelved for a few months or years. Consider also the Technology Adoption Curve, and how long it will take the adoption of the technology to progress from Innovators to Laggards. For individual clinicians, consider ways to decrease recidivism, as depicted by the Stages of Change Model, and consider how every new technology introduced to your clinicians will raise their expectations forever. Finally, in planning for a rollout of a new technology, consider the particular mix of clinicians in your practice or clinic, as described by the Berkowitz Classification System. Focus your primary resources on those clinicians who will use a technology for specific situations and who are looking to the technology to provide a reasonable benefit to their practice.


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