Office Management of Penile Skin Bridges With Electrocautery

Sody A. Naimer, MD, Roni Peleg, MD, Yevgeni Meidvidovski, MD, Alex Zvulunov, MD, Arnon Dov Cohen, MD, Daniel Vardy, MD


J Am Board Fam Med. 2002;15(6) 

In This Article

Abstract and Introduction

Background: Penile skin bridges are an uncommon complication of circumcision that are often found in general practice. This condition can be treated successfully in the office, avoiding referral for a surgical procedure.
Methods: Four case reports of the technique of treating penile skin bridges are described, and the literature on the cause and treatment of skin bridges is reviewed.
Results and Conclusions: Using local anesthesia and bipolar diathermy, penile skin bridges were successfully treated in the office on 4 patients of different ages. There was no bleeding and the wounds healed without complication. This brief and simple technique, described in detail, is appropriate for an office procedure in family practice.

Penile skin bridges are an uncommon complication of circumcision. They are often found in general practice and referred to the hospital for inpatient treatment. Skin bridge formation is usually recognized in infancy and often treated by excision under general anesthesia. This report describes our recent experience in treating four cases of broad skin bridges. The technique is described in detail because we expect that others adopting this method will join our satisfaction with the simplicity and feasibility of its individual components.