Autoantibodies and Autoantigens in Autoimmune Hepatitis

Christian P. Strassburg, MD, Michael P. Manns, MD


Semin Liver Dis. 2002;22(4) 

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Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibodies

SMA are directed against cytoskeletal proteins such as actin, troponin, and tropomyosin.[37,38] They frequently occur in high titers in association with ANA. They are not highly specific for AIH and have been shown to occur in advanced liver diseases of other etiologies and in infectious diseases and rheumatic disorders ( Table 1 ). In these cases, titers are often lower than 1:80. SMA autoantibodies are also determined by indirect immunofluorescence on cryostat sections of rat stomach. In pediatric patients, SMA autoantibodies may be the only marker of AIH type 1. When present in very young patients with AIH type 1, the titers may be as low as 1:40.


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