Autoantibodies and Autoantigens in Autoimmune Hepatitis

Christian P. Strassburg, MD, Michael P. Manns, MD


Semin Liver Dis. 2002;22(4) 

In This Article


Much progress has been made in characterizing autoantibody/autoantigen systems in AIH and the neighboring clinical diseases that are encountered by the clinical hepatologist. Despite the fact that none of the discussed autoantigen targets are expressed in a tissue-specific fashion research has elucidated specific disease-related autoantibody patterns and features that are an asset to the diagnosis and classification of autoimmune liver diseases. Although the classification of AIH based on serological heterogeneity is still controversial, it does indicate the diversity of the mechanisms underlying AIH and gives us an indication of a complex etiology. Autoantigen/autoantibody characterization continues to be an attractive model to gain insight into the as yet unresolved mystery of how tolerance of the liver is given up and AIH ensues.


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