Biomechanical Comparison of Reconstruction Techniques for Disruption of the Acromioclavicular and Coracoclavicular Ligaments

Albert W. Pearsall IV, MD, J. Marcus Hollis, PhD, George V. Russell, Jr., MD, David A. Stokes, MD


J South Orthop Assoc. 2002;11(1) 

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The use of PDS II suture with or without CAC ligament augmentation did not reconstitute AC joint stiffness to intact state levels. A statistically significant difference in CC displacement was not noted between any of the procedures, but a trend indicating improved AC joint stability with the use of PDS plus CAC ligament was observed. Augmentation of a PDS suture construct with 50% of the CAC ligament enhances AC joint stiffness compared with the use of PDS II suture alone or No. 5 Merselene tape plus CAC ligament augmentation.