Spinal Extradural Meningeal Cyst: Correct Radiological and Histopathological Diagnosis

Kimiaki Sato, MD, Kensei Nagata, MD, Yasuo Sugita, MD


Neurosurg Focus. 2002;13(4) 

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Preoperative MR imaging revealed that all cysts had the same signal intensity as the CSF. A cord or cauda equina was observed anteriorly in all cases. Water-soluble myelography and/or CT myelography demonstrated a connection between the spinal subarachnoid space and the cyst cavity when the cysts filled with contrast medium. In each case, the dural defect was confirmed at the time of the surgery. In all cases, histopathological examination of the cyst wall showed nonspecific fibrous connective tissue, as well as the absence of single-cell layer of inner arachnoid lining.