Internet Use and Advanced Practice Oncology Nursing

Joshua Fogel, PhD


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2002;2(4) 

In This Article


The Internet can affect clinical nursing practice by exposing nurses and patients to new ideas, support, and possible treatments. Nurses can choose to participate in this often patient-driven endeavor by incorporating into the clinical interview a number of questions assessing Internet use. Nurses can be instrumental in helping patients navigate the wide, open, and often unregulated World Wide Web (Internet) by reviewing and evaluating Web sites for possible recommendation to patients. Nurses can use email technology for communication with patients to provide care, information, and support. There are many possibilities for future research on the use of the Internet in oncology and other nursing practice. Future research is needed to focus on the impact of an interview including Internet use questions on clinical practice, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.


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