Internet Use and Advanced Practice Oncology Nursing

Joshua Fogel, PhD


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2002;2(4) 

In This Article

Using Internet Technology in Practice

Healthcare professionals have experimented with many of these options and have expanded clinical practice in diverse ways. One Family Medicine department canceled interdisciplinary formal face-to-face consultations and relied instead on an email consultation service. Most participants were very satisfied with the results of this new form of consultation and indicated that it decreased time pressure and enabled them to give more thoughtful answers.[12] This email communication can be expanded to include patient/healthcare provider encounters. Patients can communicate health concerns in writing via email and even attach a digital photo of any area of concern. The healthcare provider can offer recommendations for self-treatment or modification of the established treatment plan, if the problem is straightforward. If the problem is more complex, the healthcare provider can provide triage information on how soon and where the patient should be evaluated in person. There are many possibilities for growth in this area, as telemedicine capabilities expand with new technology.


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