Highlights From Nephrology 2002 - South African Renal Society Congress

Geoffrey Richard Bihl, MB.BCH, M.MED, FCP(SA)


October 17, 2002

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When one thinks of Africa, many different images (Figure 1) come to mind -- the seat of humanity, wild animals, diverse cultures, developing nations. Developing nations are, by convention, economically compromised countries whose resources do not permit adequate development of basic population needs, including education and healthcare. Considering the developing nature of most African nations, end-stage renal failure remains a mostly fatal disease. With regard to renal care, the field of nephrology in South Africa has remained one of a very small number of burning candles on an otherwise dark continent. The following report details aspects of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in Africa while highlighting important aspects of pediatric nephrology.

View from Capetown, South Africa.


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