Presenter: Tyler Reimschisel, MD Preceptor: Harvey Singer, MD


October 07, 2002

Case 2 Presentation

The patient is a developmentally delayed 4-month-old infant boy with myoclonic seizures.

The infant's mother noted minimal spotting during pregnancy. The child was born at 35 weeks gestational age by forceps-assisted spontaneous vaginal delivery. There were no peripartum complications. At birth, the infant had an inguinal hernia, but the remainder of his physical examination was unremarkable. He was discharged home at 2 days of life.

At 2 months of age, the baby's mother noticed intermittent eyelid twitching and an inability to focus on objects. He was evaluated at another institution. No abnormalities on his physical examination and development were documented at that time. Basic laboratory studies, a head CT, routine CSF evaluations, an EEG, and a brain MRI were normal. He was discharged home without further intervention.

However, he was readmitted several weeks later because the abnormal movements of his eyelids continued, and he began to have jerking movements of his extremities.


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