Extensive Facial Hemangiomas With Serious Associated Systemic Abnormalities

Mohamed A.W. Hussein, MD; David K. Coats, MD; Denise W. Metry, MD Series Editor: David K. Coats, MD


October 07, 2002

Clinical Presentation

A 2-month-old girl was referred for evaluation by her dermatologist for a hemangioma involving the right upper eyelid. The child's history was notable for extensive facial hemangiomas that were first seen within a few days after birth. Examination revealed multiple hemangiomas involving the upper and lower eyelids of both eyes, with the right lids most prominently involved. Amblyopia was not present.

Physical examination revealed a heart murmur. Neuroimaging of the brain was obtained, and the patient was referred for additional specialty consultations because of concern that other serious associated health problems might be concurrently present.