Enhanced External Counterpulsation in Patients With Heart Failure: A Multicenter Feasibility Study

Ozlem Soran, MD, Bruce Fleishman, MD, Theresa Demarco, MD, William Grossman, MD, Virginia M. Schneider, RN, Karen Manzo, RN, Paul-André de Lame, MD, Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD


CHF. 2002;8(4) 

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Quality of Life

Quality of life was assessed using the MLHFQ (Figure 2). The MLHFQ was administered at baseline and again 1 week after the end of the treatment period and after the 6-month follow-up.

Change in quality of life (QoL) shown as inverse of actual score change; all p values <0.01 except for idiopathic at 6 months (NS)

A total of 24 patients had a post-treatment MLHFQ (including one who was discontinued from the study but had this test 1 month after the end of treatment). In these 24 patients, the overall changes between the test results at baseline and 1-week post-treatment were significant (p<0.01) for total score, physical dimension and emotional dimension.

In the 22 patients who completed the study and had the MLHFQ at 6-month follow-up visit, total score showed persistent improvement over baseline values, but only the change in emotional dimension remained significant (p<0.01).