Preventable and Non-Preventable Risk Factors for Adverse Drug Events Related to Hospital Admission in the Elderly

J. Doucet, A. Jego, D. Noel, C.E. Geffroy, C. Capet, A. Coquard, E. Couffin, A.L. Fauchais, P. Chassagne, D. Mouton-Schleifer and E. Bercoff


Clin Drug Invest. 2002;22(6) 

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Our study emphasised the high percentage of preventable risk factors in ADEs related to hospital admissions in the elderly. Our results confirmed the role of DDIs and excess doses of drugs as preventable risk factors. They also demonstrated that chronic interfering diseases must be taken into account before prescribing a new drug. Finally, the increasing use of drug monitoring in elderly patients, continued over a long period to include the occurrence of an interfering acute disease, may hopefully decrease the prevalence of ADEs.