Choosing the Right Dopamine Agonist for Patients With Parkinson's Disease

C. Lebrun-Frenay, M. Borg


Curr Med Res Opin. 2002;18(4) 

In This Article

The Right Dopamine Agonist for Daily Practice

The rational analysis of the three key points provides physicians with enough information to select the most convenient dopamine agonist in daily practice. Indeed, on the basis of the analysis of (1) the flexible indication, (2) the safety profile, and especially, (3) the time required to achieve the common therapeutic dose of each studied dopamine agonist in this review, piribedil appears to be one of the most convenient for physicians' daily practice, that could also assure good patient compliance ( Table 5 ).

The therapeutic value of piribedil is also highlighted by its first prescription rank in France, the first country in which it was launched 24 years ago. In 2001, Trivastal retard 50® (piribedil) remains the most prescribed dopamine agonist according to patient treatment days, which is the number of days per patient on treatment.[46]

It is interesting to point out that piribedil is also available in an injectable form (3 mg) which can be useful as therapeutic test for dopamine sensitivity.


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