Peripheral Arterial Disease: Medical Care and Prevention of Complications

David L. Dawson, MD; William R. Hiatt, MD; Mark A. Creager, MD; Alan T. Hirsch, MD


Prev Cardiol. 2002;5(3) 

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Prevalence of PAD

The overall prevalence of PAD can be estimated from several population studies that used objective, noninvasive limb pressure testing results as diagnostic criteria.[2,3,4,5,6,7] The incidence and prevalence of PAD increase with age, with estimated prevalence rates of 3% among those 40-59 years of age, 8% in those 60-69 years of age, and 19% in those over age 70 years. When these rates are generalized to the US population, the overall prevalence of PAD is estimated to be more than 8.4 million individuals.[8] Although these figures represent extrapolations, it is clear that PAD is a highly prevalent disorder.