Novel Technique: Radiofrequency Coagulation -- A Treatment Alternative for Early-Stage Hemorrhoids

Pravin J. Gupta, MS [Gen. Surgery]

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Our initial study findings have demonstrated the efficacy of coagulation of hemorrhoids by the radiofrequency technique. These results are doubtless encouraging. However, long-term follow-up is certainly required for determination of the precise duration of relief achieved and the potential for development of side effects.

We are confident that continued work in this area will show radiofrequency surgery to be a promising new alternative for the management of hemorrhoids -- not only for the treatment of early-stage hemorrhoids in which bleeding is the main symptom, but for other anorectal pathologies as well, such as fistula-in-ano, sentinel hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. The technique of radiofrequency surgery may also prove to be a versatile tool for the practicing proctologist, especially in third-world countries where a single radio wave unit may be effectively used to address multiple anorectal problems, with minimal associated treatment costs for the patients and equally low maintenance costs for the surgeons.


Dr. Pravin J. Gupta, MS [Gen. Surgery], has disclosed that he will discuss the off-label use of Ellman Dual Frequency 4MHz, also known as Surgitron IEC Radiofrequency Device.