Conference Report From the 10th World Congress on the Menopause

Professor Lorraine Dennerstein, AO MBBS, PHD, DPM, FRANZCP


July 03, 2002

In This Article

Role for Androgens in the Sexuality of Menopausal Women?

A number of presentations during the Congress focused on the role of androgens in the sexuality of menopausal women. Strong advocates for the use of exogenous testosterone, such as Associate Professor Sue Davis from the Jean Hailes Centre for Women in Melbourne,Australia,[19] were critical of testosterone assays such as the one used in the Melbourne Women's Midlife Health Project, which have a floor effect and may not be sensitive enough to reliably measure the lower levels of testosterone seen in these aging women. This problem has been acknowledged in our reports. However, analysis in which women with the highest quartile of testosterone levels were compared with those with the lowest quartile again found no difference in sexual functioning between groups, indicating that any effect of endogenous androgens in these women is very small. The reader is directed to the recent consensus statement on androgen deficiency in women,[20] the report on the conference that led to the development of the statement,[21] and the papers delivered at the workshop.


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