Glistening, Skin-Colored Nodule

Stanford I. Lamberg, MD


June 18, 2002

Case Presentation

A 44-year-old white woman with a glistening, skin-colored 1-cm nodule adjacent to her nose. The nodule appeared several months earlier and grew slowly.

The review of systems was entirely negative. There was no family history of a similar eruption.

A single shiny nodule was present on the right side of the nose (Figure 1). The tongue appeared normal. A physical examination performed later did not reveal a palpable spleen or liver, and there were no enlarged peripheral lymph nodes.

Image courtesy of Dr. Lamberg

Serum protein electrophoresis did not show the presence of a monoclonal protein. A biopsy of the nodule was performed. Since the pathology was diagnostic, consider the differential diagnosis from the clinical information provided.

What is your diagnosis?

  1. Fibrous papule of the nose

  2. Basal cell carcinoma

  3. Amyloid

  4. Sarcoid

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