Rhabdomyolysis of Infectious and Noninfectious Causes

José Ramón Blanco, MD, PhD, Marta Zabalza, MD, Javier Salcedo, MD, Lorenzo Echeverria, MD, Ana García, RN, Manuel Vallejo, MD


South Med J. 2002;95(5) 

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Rhabdomyolysis (RM) is a potentially lethal disorder that occurs as a primary disease or as a complication of a broad spectrum of other diseases.[1] Rhabdomyolysis is characterized by elevated serum concentrations of creatine kinase (CK) due to skeletal muscle injury. Infectious diseases are among the numerous factors precipitating RM.[2,3] The aims of this study were to determine the causes of IRM and to analyze the clinical and biologic characteristics of IRM as opposed to noninfectious rhabdomyolysis (NIRM).


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