Dairy Products and Acne? Response From the Author

Iris Woodard, BSN, ANP


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2002;2(2) 


Thank you for your comments. Certainly, there are persons who have either lactose intolerance that could cause intestinal disturbance, or true milk protein allergies, which could cause several different types of skin rashes, including acne. Allergies to other substances could cause the same skin rashes. There are 3 suggested reasons for this reaction to milk.

First, when the immune system is challenged by an allergen, there is lower resistance to the skin flora. Second, milk from cows may contain traces of hormones fed to the cattle. These additives may alter the human hormonal balance in some small way, thus contributing to acne. Third, persistent diarrhea will prevent good absorption of nutrients, thus causing poor nutrition and a weak immune system.

I could find no research related specifically to persons with yeast intolerance having higher incidence of acne. There may be some anecdotal evidence that a connection exists, but no research has addressed this directly.


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