Nurses and the Chronically Ill: Making a Difference

Melissa Anne Goldstein


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2001;1(3) 

In This Article


In an editorial, Should Patients Expect More From Clinicians?, you give the following advice to your colleagues: " proactive in patient assessment and motivate your patients to expect the world of their healthcare providers."[1] I wanted to stand up and give a rousing cheer for those sage words!

My enthusiastic response is a result of my experience navigating the healthcare system during the past 14 years, as a person who has systemic lupus as well as a researcher in the field of chronic illness.

From the beginning of my diagnosis, nurses, in various ways, have played active, important roles on my healthcare team. On many occasions, nurses, through their keen observations and assertiveness, have made significant and lasting contributions to my care.


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