Feline Host Range of Canine parvovirus: Recent Emergence of New Antigenic Types in Cats

Yasuhiro Ikeda, Kazuya Nakamura, Takayuki Miyazawa, Yukinobu Tohya, Eiji Takahashi,Masami Mochizuki


Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2002;8(4) 

In This Article

The Efficacy of Conventional FPLV Vaccines against CPV

The study of an attenuated live FPLV vaccine for CPV-2b infection has shown that vaccinated SPF cats are protected from challenge with CPV-2b at 2 weeks after vaccination [37]. A cross-neutralization study of the antibodies induced by an inactivated FPLV vaccine demonstrated that the vaccinated cats actually develop neutralizing antibodies against CPV-2a, 2b, and 2c as well as FPLV [40]. These data indicate that commercially available FPLV vaccines can be used for protection against CPVs, at least in the short term. However, antibody titers induced by a FPLV vaccine are significantly lower against CPVs than FPLV [40]. Indeed, CPV infection was observed in the cheetahs vaccinated with a killed FPLV vaccine [34]. We therefore suggest that FPLV vaccines are not always sufficient to protect cats from CPV infection in the long term. Steinel et al. [34] have proposed the need for inactivated vaccines that use CPV-2a or 2b for cats. CPV-2a/2b-based vaccines are expected to protect cats more efficiently from CPV infection than conventional FPLV vaccines. Recently, Nakamura et al. reported that cats experimentally infected with CPV-2a develop high titers of neutralizing antibodies against CPV-2a and 2b but show relatively low titers against FPLV [40]. Thus, like FPLV vaccines for CPV infection, CPV-2a/2b-based vaccines may be less efficient for FPLV infection, which would be a major concern. Interestingly, CPV-2c-infected cats showed similar neutralization antibody titers against FPLV, CPV-2a, and 2b as well as CPV-2c [40]. An inactivated CPV-2c-based vaccine for cats could be a promising vaccine candidate against both CPV and FPLV infection.


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