Self-Treatment of Minor Foot Problems

W. Steven Pray, PhD, RPh


US Pharmacist. 2002;27(3) 

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Tired Feet

It is axiomatic that people who are required to stand long hours (such as pharmacists) are more prone to foot problems. Various foam/cloth insoles or orthotics are available to help cushion the feet. Some are fairly shallow, while others are moderately thick. While a greater thickness can yield more comfort, the patient must be sure that the product does not cause excess pressure against the top of the shoe and create a blister. Gel-filled, air-filled, and fluid-filled insoles are also available. However, "magnetized" insoles have no proven therapeutic value and should not be recommended.

In addition to using insoles, patients may gain comfort for their tired feet with a post-workday soaking in warm Epsom salts or any of several commercially available foot soaks.