Self-Treatment of Minor Foot Problems

W. Steven Pray, PhD, RPh


US Pharmacist. 2002;27(3) 

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Tennis Toe

Tennis players may develop a set of hematomas under the nails of the first or second toe, accompanied by nail bed injuries or jammed joints. The cause is rapid charging toward the net followed by a sudden stop, which forces the toe into the toe box.[3] The condition is more common in older players and in those who wear shoes with a small, tight toe box. Playing on a synthetic court induces more tennis toe than play on a grass or clay court. A podiatrist may penetrate the nail to decompress the hematoma to relieve the pain, which is often severe. Taping the affected toe to the adjacent toe may help to prevent injury, as well as wearing shoes with rigid soles to minimize stress on the interphalangeal joints.