2001 AMIA Symposium -- A Medical Odyssey: Visions of the Future and Lessons from the Past

Ronnie S. Stangler, MD


March 28, 2002

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More than 1500 physicians, nurses, computer scientists, medical librarians, biomedical researchers, and health information technology (IT) experts convened in Washington, DC, from November 3-7, 2001, to attend the 25th anniversary meeting of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). AMIA is an organization of medical professionals with expertise at the interface of healthcare and computer and information science.[1]

The theme was "A Medical Odyssey: Visions of the Future and Lessons from the Past." However, the terrorist attacks and anthrax incidents in the nation's capitol during that period imparted an extraordinary degree of uneasiness. AMIA's response was thoughtful and constructive, focusing on the role of informatics in the combat of terrorism and mobilization of medical response in war and other disasters. These topics were considered in both special scientific and policy development sessions and announcements throughout the meeting.


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