Sumatriptan: Pharmacological Basis and Clinical Results

Carl G. H. Dahlöf


Curr Med Res Opin. 2001;17(1s) 

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The early promise shown by sumatriptan a decade ago when it was introduced as the first selective migraine therapy has been borne out in patient use. Sumatriptan advanced migraine therapy through its selective physiological action, which is realized in potent efficacy in the majority of patients and in a favourable side-effect profile. By virtue of its availability in four formulations, sumatriptan provides a mechanism for tailoring therapy to the individual patient and the individual migraine attack. Clinical data on sumatriptan continue to reveal new applications for sumatriptan, which has shown promise in treating non-migraine headaches in IHS-diagnosed migraineurs and in treating adolescent patients with migraine.


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