Management of the Diabetic Foot: Preventing Amputation

Marvin E. Levin, MD


South Med J. 2002;95(1) 

In This Article

Posttreatment Management of Healed Foot Ulcers

Because the recurrence of a healed ulcer is so common, the management of the healed ulcer is important. The chance of recurrence is high because the underlying etiologies responsible for a foot ulcer -- PN, PAD, calluses, increased pressure, and foot deformities -- are still present. Moreover, scar tissue from healed ulcers is not strong and is vulnerable to the shearing forces of walking.

Special measures are therefore necessary to protect the vulnerable sites of previous ulceration. Patients should be taught to take shorter steps when walking and to decrease their overall walking. Patients whose jobs require standing or walking may need to change jobs.


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