Magnesium: Its Proven and Potential Clinical Significance

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South Med J. 2001;94(12) 

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Prevalence Of Hypomagnesemia

The prevalence of hypomagnesemia has been found to vary widely, depending on the patient's clinical condition. In a general population, 6.9% of patients were shown to be hypomagnesemic.[6] In hospital inpatients on a medical-surgical floor, there was a prevalence of 11%,[27] while in the intensive care unit it was found to be 20%.[28] In a postoperative intensive care unit setting, the prevalence was 60%.[28] A study of diabetic patients established a prevalence of 25%.[29] We did a 2-month period prevalence study of magnesium levels for 120 patients in an urban minority clinic and found that 24% of hypertensive patients and 25% of diabetic patients were hypomagnesemic.[30]