Billing For Nurse Practitioner Services: Guidelines for NPs, Physicians, Employers, and Insurers

Carolyn Buppert, NP, JD


January 31, 2002

In This Article


Medical practices, facilities, and agencies have found that nurse practitioner (NP)/physician teams are key to providing high-quality and cost-effective care.[1,2] However, the problem of deciphering how federal and state law, often written in general terms, applies to a specific practice situation can deter groups from fully utilizing NPs. Furthermore, wide variances in states' laws and significant differences in the policies of third-party payers on reimbursement for NPs' services make the quest for payments a journey through a maze.

This article provides the basic rules for billing NP services, examples of the issues that arise, and answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions.


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