Urodynamic Studies in Kidney-Pancreas Transplantation With Bladder Drainage?

Robert J. Stratta, MD


November 15, 2001


What is the importance of urodynamic studies in kidney-pancreas transplantation with bladder drainage?

A.I. David, MD

Response from Robert J. Stratta, MD

The short answer to this question is that urodynamic studies do not mean a whole lot in this situation. They are usually very abnormal, but not predictive of subsequent urologic problems.[1] The group at Ohio State published an abstract that showed preoperative urodynamic studies did have subsequent predictive value when analyzing postoperative outcomes in patients with bladder drainage of the pancreas after pancreas transplantation.[]There is no reliable, reproducible serum or urine test for pancreas allograft rejection. The biopsy continues to be the most reliable method for diagnosing rejection in this situation.


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