Oseltamivir: A New Option for the Management of Influenza in Children

Marcia L. Buck, Pharm.D., FCCP

Pediatr Pharm. 2001;7(2) 

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Product Availability and Cost

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu® Roche Pharmaceuticals) is available as 75 mg capsules and a powder for oral suspension. When reconstituted, the suspension contains 12 mg oseltamivir per ml and is tutti-frutti flavored. The suspension may be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, but it should not be frozen. An oral dosing dispenser is provided with the bottle for accurate dose measurement. Oseltamivir capsules come in blister packs of 10, for one treatment course.5

As anticipated for a new therapy, oseltamivir is considerably more expensive than other therapies for influenza. Average wholesale prices (AWP) for a standard adult treatment course are $3.51 for amantadine, $17.50 for rimantidine, and $53.00 for oseltamavir.8


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