Rocuronium for Tracheal Intubation

Laura S. Willets, Pharm.D.


Pediatr Pharm. 2000;6(10) 

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Mechanism of Action

In general, neuromuscular blockers prevent the transmission of electrical impulses to the muscle by altering the normal interaction of acetylcholine with the postsynaptic cholinergic receptor. Rocuronium, an analog of vecuronium, is an aminosteroid neuromuscular blocker which exerts its action through competitive inhibition of the cholinergic receptor at the motor end-plate of the myoneural junction. Rocuronium blocks the effect of both the small quantities of acetylcholine that maintain muscle tone and the large quantities of acetylcholine that produce voluntary muscle contraction, but does not alter the resting electrical potential of the motor end-plate or cause muscle contraction.[1,2,3,5]


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