Gestational Diabetes in Primary Care

Paul Hicks, MD

In This Article


For every physician who provides care to pregnant women, a time will come when the challenges of both pregnancy and diabetes need to be addressed with a patient. Many physicians will make an immediate referral to a perinatologist. However, specialist referral is at best difficult, if not impossible, in many settings. This review is intended for those physicians who will be responsible for the ongoing care of an occasional patient with gestational diabetes and for all physicians who wish to expand their understanding of this disease.

The information in this review was obtained through a Medline search using the keywords "diabetes, gestational" for the period January 1990 through August 1999. Articles reviewed were limited to those with human subjects and published in English. Case-control and cohort studies, review articles, and technical bulletins were included, and additional articles were identified through review of the bibliographic references.


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