Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients: A Critique of a Meta-analysis

Marion Kvasz, MD, MPH; I. Elaine Allen, PhD; Matthew J. Gordon, BA; Eric Y. Ro, BA; Rhonda Estok, RN; Ingram Olkin, PhD; and Susan D. Ross, MD, FRCPC

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The many problems noted in the source studies, and the further flaws in the meta-analysis, raise significant doubt about the appropriateness and validity of the meta-analysis and its conclusions, including the extrapolation to all present-day hospitalized patients. A better understanding of the factors that result in preventable drug prescription errors, monitoring, compliance, and administration would best serve both patients and providers. This understanding would be enhanced by a research focus on current studies that identify preventable events accurately, to explore how they happen, and how to prevent them.