The Effect of Arch Height and Body Mass on Plantar Pressure

Carine HM van Schie, MSc, PhD; , Andrew JM Boulton, MD, FRCP


Wounds. 2000;12(4) 

In This Article


For most subjects, measurements of the left foot were used for analysis, while for six subjects, measurements of the right foot were used as in these subjects not all data was available for the left foot.

For statistical analysis the peak plantar pressure and pressure time integral (PTI) values were natural log (ln) transformed to meet the assumptions of correlation analysis (normal distribution of the response variable and homogeneity of variance). The differences between subject groups were tested using a one-way ANOVA Tukey's HSD test for post-hoc multiple comparisons using a significance level of 0.05 (SPSS version 9.0). Data of the whole study population was combined for a Pearson correlation analysis to investigate associations between arch index, body mass and pressure variables.


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