Gluten in Pharmaceutical Products



Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2001;58(5) 

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We designed a six-item survey to update and extend the findings on gluten-free pharmaceutical and nutritional products previously reported by Olson and Gallo [14] and Pence and Garrison.[15] In March and April 1998 we mailed 172 surveys to pharmaceutical companies listed in the 1998 Physicians' Desk Reference [16] and the 1998 generics supplement to Pharmacy Times.[17] Follow-up telephone calls were made to companies that did not respond within a reasonable period. Responses were collected from March 1998 to July 1999.

The first survey item asked if the company had a policy of producing gluten-free products. If the answer was affirmative, the respondent was directed to the second item, which asked if the company guaranteed the gluten free status of its products. If the company did not have a policy, the respondent was directed to item 3, which asked the respondent to identify products that were known to be gluten free. Item 4 asked the respondent to list any company products known to contain gluten or whose gluten status was unknown. Item 5 asked for a listing of any excipients commonly used in the company's products that were potential sources of gluten. The sixth item allowed the respondent to offer explanations of or disclaimers to the information.


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