Seamless Care Aided by Smoother Prescribing at the UK Primary/Secondary Care Interface

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Movement of patients across the interface between primary and secondary care can be problematic. In most healthcare systems, patients move between primary and secondary care - the aim is to make the transition as smooth as possible. One major barrier, particularly in the UK, is prescribing at the interface between the 2 types of care. Traditionally, in the UK, primary and secondary care has had separate budgetary arrangements. Divisions between the 2 groups have been further hindered by poor communication and coordination.

The concept of seamless care refers to continuity of heathcare received by a patient across the spectrum of caregivers and their environments. The UK government has laid out a structure for a reformed National Health Service (NHS) which should assist in providing seamless care for patients requiring treatment in both primary and secondary care sectors. Time will tell whether these new initiatives will succeed where other schemes have failed in the past.