Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Two Fast-Dissolving Oral Ibuprofen Formulations and a Regular-Release Ibuprofen Tablet in Healthy Volunteers

, , Whitehall-Much GmbH, Münster, Germany; , , , Whitehall International, Havant, Hants, England

Clin Drug Invest. 2001;21(1) 

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Bioequivalence between 200mg tablets of ibuprofen lysinate and a new 200mg soft gelatin capsule was demonstrated. In accordance with previous results, this study confirmed again the pharmacokinetic differences between standard ibuprofen acid tablets and fast-dissolving formulations. The new formulation is likely to show clinical benefit as an ibuprofen preparation in patients with acute pain because of its plasma concentration versus time profile, resulting fromthe rapid release of the already dissolved ibuprofen from the soft gelatin capsule.


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