Effects of the Standardised Ginseng Extract G115(Reg.) in Patients with Chronic Bronchitis: A Nonblinded, Randomised, Comparative Pilot Study

F. Scaglione, K. Weiser, M. Alessandria University of Milan, Milan, Italy

Clin Drug Invest. 2001;21(1) 

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Both groups of patients responded positively to the antibacterial treatment. On average, the reduction in the bacterial count to figures below the detection level occurred within 7 days in both groups. In the group receiving G115® ginseng extract, however, bacterial clearance was significantly faster than in the subjects receiving the antibacterials alone.

To our knowledge, this is the first trial to investigate the effects of combined antibacterials and ginseng on the evolution of symptoms of chronic bronchitis. Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer is widely used in Asian and Western countries alike to treat various disorders. Its immunomodulatory effects have been described by several authors[1,5,6,8] but, to date, no information is available on its potential antibacterial properties. A direct antibacterial effect attributable to ginseng is unlikely, and any efficacy as an ancillary treatment in ACB would most likely be the result of an increased immune response mediated by the product in the bronchial system.

This trial has shown a beneficial effect of G115® ginseng extract on the reduction of bacterial counts in the bronchial systems of patients suffering from acute attacks of chronic bronchitis. While the small sample size of the trial does not allow us to draw any firm conclusions, it appears that patients suffering from ACB may heal faster if ginseng is given concomitantly with antibacterials. This may be of specific help in patients for whom the elimination of bacteria from the bronchial system is particularly difficult. Further placebo-control-led, double-blind trials are now necessary to confirm the findings of this pilot trial.


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