A Tunica Albuginea Cyst

Adam J. Singer, MD


November 29, 2001


The patient was prescribed ibuprofen 800 mg po tid for 10 days to reduce the pain and inflammation of the tunica albuginea cyst. A scrotal supporter and rest were also recommended. Two months after the initial presentation, a repeat ultrasound examination demonstrated that the cyst was less tender, smaller, and measured 2.0 mm x 0.8 mm (Fig. 2). The spermatocele was unchanged. Two months later, the patient noticed the cyst became acutely painful one evening, but the pain went away by the next morning. More importantly, he could no longer feel the testicular cyst after the pain resolved. A repeat ultrasound examination demonstrated that the tunica albuginea cyst was no longer present, although the spermatocele was unchanged. Two years after the initial presentation, the patient continues to perform testicular self-examinations every month and remains asymptomatic without a recurrent tunica albuginea cyst. The spermatocele has not changed.

Repeat ultrasound demonstrates a significant decrease in the size of the tunica albuginea cyst (0.8 mm x 2.2 mm).


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